At ICICI Bank Hong Kong, we are committed to make your banking with us a safe and secure experience. We provide you with Virtual Keyboard to protect your password. Virtual Keyboard is an online application to enter password with the help of a mouse.

Advantage of a Virtual Keyboard
The Virtual Keyboard is designed to protect your password from malicious "Spyware" and "Trojan Programs". Use of Virtual keyboard will reduce the risk of password theft.

Process to Use Virtual Keyboard

  1. Enter the Customer ID using the computer's keyboard.
  2. Select the "Virtual Keyboard" check box
  3. On the screen, select the alphanumeric characters of your login password using your computer mouse.
  4. Click "Submit" to start your online banking.

Functions of different keys on the Virtual Keyboard

Caps Lock: This key can be used to enter upper case if the password consists of capital letters.

Back Space: This key will clear the last character entered in the password field.

Clear: This key will clear all characters entered in the password field by the Virtual Keyboard.

Tab: This key is visible only for change or forced change of password. This key can be used to enter values in the next field.