Interest Rates


Interest Rates (w.e.f. 04 July 2022 to 08 July 2022)

Click on the currencies mentioned below to know the prevailing interest rate.


Tenure < 500000 > = 500000
1 month 0.20% 0.20%
3 month 0.25% 0.25%
6 month 0.30% 0.30%
9 month 0.30% 0.30%
12 month 0.35% 0.35%

The above rates are applicable for deposits size below USD 2 million or equivalent in other currencies. If deposits size is greater than USD 2million or equivalent in other currencies, please contact our Customer Services Officer at (852) 2234 2651.


All interest rates are expressed on a per annum basis. These interest rates used or provided are for reference only and subject to change by ICICI Bank, Hong Kong branch at any time without any notice. Actual rate of interest offered shall be the rate as applicable at the time of opening of deposit. Other terms and conditions may apply