Security Measures

  1. Secure Login
    To log-in to your account with ICICI Bank Hong Kong, you need to use your Internet Banking user ID and password. The web page on which you are required to input these details is a secure page. When you log-in successfully, your web browser will establish a secure SSL connection between your computer and our web servers. This will allow you to communicate with us in private and to conduct online transactions safely.

    How to identify a secure web page?
  2. Number of Login Attempts
    If you are unable to provide the correct user ID and password, you will not be granted access. After three unsuccessful log-in attempts, your user ID will be blocked by our system automatically. To re-enable your Internet Banking user ID, please submit a request form (available at to ICICI Hong Kong branch. After authenticating yourself, you can place your request for re-activation of your user ID. You may also request re-issue of your Internet Banking password(s), if you happen to have forgotten them.
  3. Timed Logout
    Our unique security features continue to protect you once you have logged in successfully. To protect your accounts against unauthorized access, our systems are designed to terminate a secure online session automatically if extended inactivity is detected. If that happens, you can log in again to continue your activities.

    In addition, after logging in Online Banking, you cannot use the ‘Back', ‘Forward' and ‘Refresh' buttons of your browser. If you click any of these buttons, your secure session will be logged out automatically. This is done to ensure that no unauthorized entry is made to your online account during your absence from your computer system.
  4. Expiry of User ID
    Your Internet banking user ID expires if it is not used for a period of more than six months. However, if you have lost/misplaced your Internet Banking user ID / password(s), it is advisable to inform us and we will disable them to prevent their unauthorized usage. Your password(s) also can be re-issued upon your request.
  5. Other Security Measures
    128-bit Secure Socket Layer
    Entrust Digital Certificate
    Two levels of passwords for executing financial transactions.