ICICI Bank Limited, Hong Kong Branch (“ICICI Bank”) and Prudential Hong Kong Limited (“Prudential”), one of the leading insurance companies in Hong Kong, have entered into an agreement for marketing, promotion, distribution and sale of Prudential's products to ICICI Bank customers in Hong Kong.

    Whether you are planning for retirement or putting money aside for contingencies, reliable life insurance service is essential. The life insurance product of Prudential is designed to provide you with comprehensive insurance coverage and opportunities for capital growth.

    We are happy to let you know that you will be able to buy the following four life insurance products of Prudential from branches of ICICI Bank in Hong Kong:


    The life assurance plans are life insurance products underwritten by Prudential Hong Kong Limited (“Prudential”) and distributed by ICICI Bank Limited, Hong Kong Branch (“ICICI Bank”). Some of these plans may have a savings element, in which case, part of the premium will be used to pay for the insurance and related costs. A customer who has bought the life assurance plans has a right to cancel the policy within the cooling-off period and obtain a refund of any premium(s) paid, less any withdrawals. Provided that no claim has been made, the customer may cancel the policy by giving written notice to Prudential within 21 days after: (a) the delivery of the policy or (b) the issuance of a notice (informing the availability of the policy and expiry date of the cooling off period) to the customer / his/her representative, whichever is earlier. After the cooling off period expires, if a customer cancels the policy before the end of its policy term, the projected cash value may be substantially less than the total amount of premiums paid.

    ICICI Bank is an insurance agent of Prudential.

    As the issuer of the life assurance plans, Prudential will be responsible for all protection and claims issues. Prudential is not an associate or subsidiary company of ICICI Bank. This webpage is not a contract of insurance and is intended to be a general summary for reference purpose only. Please refer to the policy for full terms and conditions. ICICI Bank does not accept any responsibilities regarding any statements provided by Prudential or any discrepancies or omissions in the contract of insurance nor shall ICICI Bank be held liable in any manner whatsoever in relation to your contract of insurance.

    This webpage is intended to be valid in Hong Kong only and shall not be construed as an offer to sell or solicitation to buy or provision of any insurance product outside Hong Kong. Prudential and ICICI Bank do not offer or sell any insurance product in any jurisdictions outside Hong Kong in which such offering or sale of the insurance product is illegal under the laws of such jurisdictions. This webpage does not constitute a contract of insurance or an offer, invitations or recommendation to any person to enter into any contract of insurance or any transaction described therein or any similar transaction.

    Whether to apply for insurance coverage is your own individual decision. For Prudential’s life assurance plan policy provisions, details and risk disclosure please refer to relevant plan’s product leaflet/offering document and specimen policy available on Prudential‘s website.