Safe Banking Home

At ICICI Bank Hong Kong, we are committed to making your banking experience as safe as possible. We have adopted several measures to enhance the security of your funds and protection of your account. ICICI Bank Hong Kong's Safe Banking guidelines set out simple steps you can take to ensure that your money and your personal details are safe and secure.

Whether it's about online-banking security or traditional-banking security threats, BE INFORMED. Know how fraudsters operate. Know how to keep your password secure.

Internet Banking login credentials, including usernames, login passwords and One-Time Passwords (OTPs), are important in the digital world, just as the keys to your house are in the physical one and should be safeguarded properly.

For your security, we advise you to refrain from selling or lending your bank accounts/ personal credentials to others as these might be abused for unlawful purposes. Don't be tempted by quick money. Don't lend your bank account to anyone to launder money.