Post-Shipment Financing

Advising and Confirmation of Documentary Credits (DCs)

DC Advising
When we advise DCs to our customers, our export trade specialists check the authenticity of each DC issued to them by their counterparties.

DC Confirmation
When we confirm DCs to our customers, it offers additional protection for payments. We provide DC Confirmation for DCs issued by a large number of banks. Our confirmation of a DC assures payment against compliant documents irrespective of the DC issuing banks’ ability to pay.

Bills Purchasing / Discounting

Export DC Negotiation
We can provide immediate payment to our customers on presentation of shipping documents under a Documentary Credit (DC) transaction. Our experienced staff checks documents and correct errors to ensure compliance before submission to the DC issuing bank.

Proceeds from Export DC Negotiation can be used to settle Trust Receipt Loans.

Purchase of Export Documents
We can purchase / discount export documents in both kinds of export arrangements – Documents against Payment (D/P) and Documents against Acceptance (D/A).

This facility allows our customers to receive a cash advance against an expected payment under Documentary Collections thus improving their cash flow.

Receivables Discounting

We can provide discounting for export bills on with or without recourse basis for sales to Buyers acceptable to us. Thus, customers may leverage ICICI Bank’s extensive understanding of Indian corporates for financing of their sales under Documentary Collection terms to Buyers in India.

Through such a facility, the credit risk of the Buyer is covered by the Bank, and the financing may be made with or without recourse to our customer.