ICICI Bank manages one of the largest treasuries with over 100 professionals offering a complete suite of products including forex services, currency swaps and options, interest rate swaps and other structured derivative products. ICICI Bank currently deals in the G7 and 15 other major foreign currencies and provides customer specific products and services and risk hedging solutions in all these currencies to meet the trade and service-related requirements of its corporate clients. ICICI Bank is the market leader in INR products globally and enjoys significant competitive advantages in all INR linked products.

Hong Kong Branch treasury complements the product suite of the Indian operations. We offer services in foreign exchange, interest rates, and OTC derivative products with FX and interest rate underlying. We offer a comprehensive suite of products for managing or assuming risks in interest rates, foreign exchange rates and hence, fulfill their needs in terms of risk and return management. Some of the products offered are:

  • FX Spot, Fwd and Swaps in the G7 currencies, Major Asian currencies such as HKD and INR.
  • OTC derivatives like Forward Rate Agreements, Interest Rate Swaps, Cross Currency Swaps and Cross Currency Options.