Correspondent Banking

Hong Kong is having the unique advantage of offering payment systems in four currencies: USD, EUR, HKD and RMB. USD,HKD and RMB transactions are settled not only for banks in Hong Kong but also for banks outside Hong Kong.

USD Clearing

ICICI Bank Hong Kong is a direct member in USD Clearing. We are the service provider (SP) for Cross Border Payments in USD. We offer two-in-one facility for correspondents to settle their payments through New York and Hong Kong Clearing.

RMB Clearing

ICICI Bank Hong Kong is a direct member in CNY (RMB) clearing. With internationalization of CNY (RMB), we are proud to offer RMB settlement services to banks. This service enables banks to carry out settlement in CNY (RMB) in Mainland China and outside China. Necessary restrictions apply as per clearing house rules and applicable regulations.

HKD Clearing

We provide correspondent banking service in HKD for settlement of HKD in Hong Kong.

Reimbursement Financing

ICICI Bank Hong Kong offers reimbursement financing under Letters of Credit to banks / correspondents subject to arrangement.

Global DC Reimbursement

ICICI Bank Hong Kong acts as a reimbursement bank for correspondents. We offer Pre-Debit Advice Facility to correspondents for better liquidity management.