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Attractive interest rates

Funds in your account no longer lie idle but continue to get you return. The interest payable is calculated on the closing balance of the day. The accumulated interest is credited into your account at the end of every month.

Cheque book facility

With your current account you get cheque book for easy access to your funds.


You have the option to open current account in either or both of the currencies - Hong Kong Dollar, United States Dollar and / or Renminbi. Please note both these accounts are separate and will not be linked.

Minimum balance

The minimum balance requirement for current account in Hong Kong Dollars is 10,000, United States Dollars is 1,500 and Renminbi is 10,000.

Monthly statements

You will receive a monthly statement of your current account, on the communication address registered with the Bank.

Multiple account holder

For added convenience, the current account can be opened and operated by one or more applicants, depending on the signing condition given at the time of account opening

Annual Account Maintenance Charge (Applicable to non-resident customers only)

Annual Fee of USD 150 / HKD 1,200 / RMB 1,100 will be charged for opening non-resident Current Account.