The Bank offers remittances to India to account holders of the Branch, subject to fulfillment of the application criteria. Account holders are defined as those individuals who have a current account with the Branch.

The application form needs to be filled-in, providing complete remitter, beneficiary and transaction details.

After satisfactory completion of the application process, the remitter can initiate a remittance request.

Exchange rates are pre-confirmed only if the Bank has received clear funds following a debit authority to your account held with the Branch.

The various modes of disbursal available are:


Modes of disbursement **Turn Around Time *Charges
Credit to ICICI Bank account in India (Account Transfer through Branch) within 48 hours 100 HKD / 15 USD
Credit to ICICI Bank account in India (Online Transfer) within 48 hours 100 HKD / 15 USD
Electronic credit to non- ICICI Bank accounts in
India – Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) - INR
1 lac and above)
within 48 hours 100 HKD / 15 USD
Electronic credit to non- ICICI Bank accounts in
India – National Electronic Funds Transfer(NEFT)
within 48 hours 100 HKD / 15 USD

* The charges are subject to change and will vary depending on market, competition and applicability of promotions / offers. Please ask the Bank officials for the current fee structure.

** Days here refer to Working Days in Hong Kong and India and are effective subject to completeness and correctness of information.

There are no limits specific to modes of disbursement.

Account holders of ICICI Bank Limited, Hong Kong branch can initiate a transaction without being subject to a limit.

The various available modes that ICICI Bank shall accept for making a remittance are:

  • Cheque: Account holders of the Bank can deposit a cheque (either of ICICI Bank or any other bank in Hong Kong) at the branch.
  • Account debit:
  1. Account holders can provide their account number along with a debit mandate for initiating funds transfer by visiting the branch.
  2. Fax: Account holders of the Bank who have signed the fax indemnity can also send a transaction request through fax to the Bank on +852 22347613. Fax transactions will be acceptable only if any one prior

Funds will be accepted by the Bank either in HKD or USD.

The Bank will inform you through post, phone or mail (details as provided on the remittance form while applying for the Service) as applicable to the rejection of the said transaction. In case there is a request for additional information/documentation, the Bank will inform you of it. Depending on the mode of acceptance of funds, the funds will be reversed. For account holders, reversal of funds can either be by credit to their account (if remittance is initiated by giving a debit authority) or by a cheque in their name (if remittance is initiated by depositing a cheque).

RTGS transactions (for India) will be initiated only for transactions over and above INR 100,000 (1 lac).

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