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Keeping track of your accounts just got easier!

ICICI Bank Limited, Hong Kong branch's (the "Bank") new SMS ALERTS service lets you keep track of your bank accounts while you're on the go. You will be notified of any credit or debit transaction of orabove a threshold value of your choice (in the currency of the account) such as interest credit/debit, pre-authorized debits and cheque credits / debits.


  • SMS ALERTS are available for current accounts held in HKD, USD and RMB.
  • SMS ALERTS are available for all registered mobile numbers of Hong Kong only.


For a credit transaction: From: +85264506303 Dear Customer,Your Account XXXXX101 has been credited by HKD100.00 on 31 Oct. Info:INF*testing. Total Available balance: HKD5,000.00

For a debit transaction:

From: +85264506303 Dear Customer, Your Account XXXXX101 has been debited by HKD200.00 on 31 Oct. Info:BIL*000001901069*test. Total Available balance: HKD10,000.00


SMS ALERTS service is nominally charged at HKD 20 / USD 2.50 / RMB 20 per month (depending on the currency of your current account). Standard messaging rates from your mobile phone carrier may apply. Frequency of alerts depends upon your account activity.

Please refer to Terms and Conditions applicable to the SMS ALERTS service. ICICI Bank Hong Kong will not be responsible for charges levied by your mobile phone provider/carrier in connection with the SMS ALERTS service. The ICICI Bank name and logo are trademarks of ICICI Bank Limited and are used under license.