We are excited to announce that we have launched a new Corporate Internet Banking platform. The new platform will provide you with a convenient navigation and interactive interface. We encourage you to download the user manual and familiarize yourself with the new platform. For any queries, you may contact our Customer Service Hotline +852 2234 2651

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The security of your Bank Account is of paramount importance to us.

The Bank endeavours to ensure that the security of your Account is maintained. However there are some measures which you can follow to further protect yourself.

These are:

  • Only use websites that begin with HTTPS in the address bar of your browser while shopping or accessing your bank accounts online.
  • When accessing your online Accounts, always ensure that you go through our secure website Do not click on links to this address, instead type it into your internet browser directly.
  • Always log out of your secure online Account before leaving your computer. Do not disclose your PIN, password or other security details to anyone under any circumstances. We will never request these details from you.
  • Ensure that the contact details we hold, such as your telephone number, email and address are kept up to date.

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